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Azerbaijan Tourist Visa / Azerbaijan Visa Requirements

If you are traveling to Azerbaijan you need to obtain an appropriate visa. Only citizens of Russia and CIS countries (except Turkmenistan) do not need a visa to enter Azerbaijan.

There are several types of visas available:

  1. Tourist visa
  2. Business/Student visa
  3. Visitor visa
  4. Transit visa

The most common type is tourist visa available on single or double entry basis only. This type of visa is valid for three months and authorizes to enter and stay in Azerbaijan for up to 30 days. Visa should be obtained in advance in one of Azeri embassies abroad. Citizens of Europe, America, Japan, Australia and New Zealand can obtain single entry tourist visa upon arrival at Heydar Aliyev International Airport, Ganja International Airport or Nakhichevan International Airport. There are Consulate sections in these airports that issue visas to those nationals. Citizens of other countries need to obtain visa in one of the Azeri diplomatic missions abroad before traveling to Azerbaijan.

For getting an Azerbaijan visa you will need to get an official letter of invitation (stamped and signed) from licensed Azeri travel agency. This invitation along with the application form, two passport size (3x4 cm) photos and an original of your passport/travel document (must be valid for at least 6 months after the expiry date of the Azerbaijani visa applied for) are sufficient to obtain visa in Azerbaijan Consulate abroad. For visas that are to be obtained in airport upon arrival letter of invitation (LOI) from Azeri travel agency is not required. If you enter Azerbaijan not through Baku airport but overland or sea port - then you need to secure your visa in advance and for this you would need visa support from travel agency.

Should you need a letter of invitation for Azerbaijan tourist visa contact us for arrangements. More detailed information on our visa support services you can find by following the link here. Baku Travel Services is a licensed travel agency and we process all requests and send LOIs within 24 hours.

Visa fee in the airport costs:

- for the UK nationals is $ 101 USD
- for nationals of EU is € 60 EUR
- for USA nationals is $ 131 USD

They accept cash only, so have it ready beforehand. There is an ATM machine in airport, but do not rely on that since it might not work or have no cash to dispense. Travel vouchers that entitle holder for a reduced visa fee of just $ 20 USD are not accepted in airport.

For business & student visas the procedure is slightly different. Letter of invitation from a receiving party (potential employer, business partner or university) should be authorized by Consular Department of the MFA that will fax approval letter directly to the embassy where you plan to obtain your visa. Applicant should get a copy of approval letter (don't confuse it with LOI) from receiving party that they get from Consular Department of the MFA. Approval letter should bear a reference number that you will need to quote in your visa application. Consular Department of the MFA processes LOIs within 3-4 working days.

For visitor visas an invitation is needed from the citizen of Azerbaijan. Invitation has either to be authorized by Consular Department of the MFA (see above business visas) or the applicant can submit a copy of LOI directly to the embassy (without authorization in MFA). The support letter (Devetname) must contain full name of the invited person, his/her date of birth, passport number, duration of stay in Azerbaijan. That LOI needs also to indicate the address and contact details of inviting party. A copy of Azerbaijan citizen's identity document (Shexsiyyet vesiqesi) has to be enclosed as well. However, embassies might still insist on having Letter of Invitation authorized by Consular Department of the MFA, so our advice is to check with the embassy first.

A single or multiple transit visa is granted to travelers going to other countries but passing through the territory of Azerbaijan. If the transit visa has no notes or stamps about non-stop passage, the bearer has the right to stay in the Republic of Azerbaijan for not longer than five days. Proof of onward travel might be required(plain/train tickets). Onward visa as proof of onward travel might also be used. 5 day transit visas are $20/40 for single/double entry, are valid for one month from the date of issue. You only need an application form, passport photo and photocopy of your passport.

Extension of visa

Foreign nationals have to leave Azerbaijan within 48 hours from the expiry date of the visa or extend the visa before it expires at the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Address: 4 Shikhali Gurbanov Street, Baku AZ 1009, Republic of Azerbaijan, tel: + 994 12 4929692).

If foreign nationals fail to extend their visas before expiry date, they will be liable to a fine from US $ 20 to 30. It is not possible to renew a visa after it has expired. Those foreign citizens who stay over 30 days since entering Azerbaijan and fail to register are subject to arrest by authorities with investigation to follow. There are facts when foreigners extend their visas but forget to get registration certificate. In this case the person is fined and gets a warning to obtain certificate. These certificates differ from those that Azerbaijan citizens have by color, those ones for foreigners are of pink color and bear information about a foreign citizen. If you leave the country before termination of 30 days you are free of registration.

You may not stay without registration, as this is illegal!

Long-term stay and registration

Foreign nationals intending to stay in Azerbaijan for a period exceeding 30 days have to register with the nearest police station within three days upon arrival. The registration fee is US $10 and the following documents should be submitted:

- Valid passport of a foreign national
- Valid visa
- Proof of address or a tenancy agreement, or a letter from the landlord

After the registration foreign nationals are issued with a registration note or card allowing them to stay in the country. Foreign nationals residing in the capital city are issued with a registration note rather than registration card, given by Baku Head Police Department.

Foreign nationals that stay in other districts of Azerbaijan (i.e. other than Baku) obtain their registration from Passport Registration Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan in person prior to their departure from the capital city. They will also be charged an additional fine of US $ 50 for each month they overstay.

Registration in Azerbaijan is essential and unavoidable. To enjoy your stay, follow the rules and make sure you are registered.